UH Northwest Campus

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Courses and Class Formats

Providing easier access to University of Houston classes and programs is a main focus for UH-Northwest Campus. While we do offer a variety of classes at this location, you have access to even more classes through our Online classes and our WeekendU program.

See all UH-Northwest Campus has to offer! Classes are available in all formats: Face-to-Face, Hybrid, and On-line.

All Classes   (Spring 2015)
All Classes   (Fall 2014)

UH-Northwest Campus provides space in which we can offer UH classes face-to-face in a traditional classroom setting.

Face-to-Face    (Spring 2015)
Face-to-Face    (Fall 2014)

UH-Northwest Campus also provides additional space to offer hybrid classes. Hybrid classes are taught half of the time in a traditional face-to-face classroom, and the remaining time through other means, usually online.

Hybrid    (Spring 2015)
Hybrid    (Fall 2014)

In addition to classes offered at this site, you can supplement your schedule with Online classes which are offered in a broad variety of disciplines. These are classes you complete via the web, typically using Blackboard, another web-based course management system (i.e. CourseWare for several math classes and CourseCompass for several history classes), or an instructor’s site.

Online    (Spring 2015)
Online    (Fall 2014)


Weekend U

UH provides access to variety of core classes through our Weekend U program. Classes are offered on-campus on Saturdays in the Spring and Fall semesters. This offers the opportunity to finish any remaining core requirements and complete pre-requisite courses for upper division classes. To see the current Weekend U class schedule click here.